What does “healthy” look like?


What does “healthy” actually look like?  You can eat right, exercise, stay thin, take no prescription medications, have excellent blood work, never catch colds, and yet you can still feel badly. Most of us live every day with symptoms that decrease our quality of life. A common perception is that if a condition is tolerable, it isn’t really a problem. Unfortunately, that logic leads to seriously depleted bodies which take years longer to heal when they eventually start to fail in bigger ways.

Some health conditions are so common that people have no idea that it’s not normal.

Many patients come into the clinic for one complaint and are amazed to learn that their daily complaints are things that can and should be treated as well.

Here is the optimal picture of balance and health:
  • You wake easily in the morning feeling rested. There is no need for caffeine to be functional.
  • You have a steady level of energy through the day with no dips or crashes.
  • In the evening you feel naturally tired without needing an alcoholic drink (or two or three) to wind down and are able to fall asleep quickly. You sleep soundly through the night, and if you wake up are able to fall back asleep again easily.
  • You have no digestive discomforts of any kind all day long – no heartburn, no bloating, no abdominal pains.  You have at least one bowel movement a day that passes with little effort.  You never have diarrhea unless you are sick or ate something spoiled.
  • You don’t have strong distracting cravings for anything, especially not sweets or soda.
  • Body pain and headaches are rare occurrences.
  • Your sinuses are clear and it is easy to take a deep breath.
  • Your mental state is calm, with no run-away thoughts, foggy mindedness, scattered attention, chronic worry or anxiety.
  • You have enough emotional resiliency to shake off a bad day or stressful event within a short time.
  • If you are female, your PMS is almost non-existent, your period is pain free, and menopause is comfortable.
If this description does not fit you, don’t judge yourself too harshly.  There is a lot of conflicting information about health and wellness out there and it is hard to figure out which strategies will actually work for you. Health is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. A lifestyle that leads to optimal performance for one person can make the next person miserable. Some health conditions occur as a result of supposedly healthy strategies that are taken to an extreme, or are simply not suited to the body in question.


At Healing InSight we can help.  We might not have all the answers, but we have some of them.  We strive to help you understand your unique patterns of imbalance so that you can decide what promotes your health and what derails it. We all deserve to feel good.