Metabolic Acupuncture Promotion!

 Twin Cities Live Metabolic Acupuncture Promotion!



Start the new year strong with one of our Twin Cities Live Metabolic Package Specials!

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Metabolic acupuncture not only boosts your metabolism but gives you more energy overall while targeting underlying health issues that have contribute to weight gain. This comprehensive method includes acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition for deep and lasting effects. We offer two different package series to suit your needs:

Metabolic Boost

Metabolic Boost is a 6-week jump-start for metabolisms that are just starting to lag. People who need to lose 5-10 pounds and are struggling with losing the weight for the first time are perfect for this program! Stubborn baby weight, middle age hormone shifts, and stress-overwhelm weight gain are well within this program’s scope. This program is a quick six weeks of acupuncture treatments twice a week. Metabolic boost packages start at $1600.

Metabolic Repair

Metabolic Repair is a 12-week program for people who have struggled with weight for a long time. Their metabolisms are far off track and usually complicated by other health conditions. Metabolic Repair aims to repair the deep underlying patterns of imbalance by first rebuilding the foundations of the metabolism and THEN revving things up for some weight loss. This program starts with acupuncture once a week for six weeks, and then shifts into high gear with treatments twice a week for another six weeks. Metabolic repair packages start at $2400.

These life changing packages for our Twin Cities Lives Special are available till Monday, January 21st!