7 Signs You Have Low Energy—And What It Means

Happy Monday, friends! Hope it’s off to raring start. But my guess is that many of you aren’t so rarin’ and ready to go. This time of year, with the cold and dark and holiday rush, can really leave you feeling depleted. Here are a few signs you have low energy and what it means. Then, check back on Wednesday to see what we can do about it!

  1. You’re dependent on caffeine. 
    I’m a big fan of using caffeine when you need to give yourself an energy boost once in a while. If you’re really dragging, you can break it out and have a sip. But when you become dependent on caffeine everyday, it’s a sign your body doesn’t have enough energy. As one of my favorite acupuncture teachers told me, “When you drink caffeine, you keep whipping the horse, but you’re not feeding the horse.” You’re just forcing your body to keep going, but not actually giving it energy. Acupuncture can give you the energy.
  2. You’re tired after you eat.
    You really shouldn’t be tired after you eat. You should be able to digest your meal easily; eat lunch and move on. If you’re tired, it means your digestive fire is low, and isn’t creating energy from food you’re eating.
  3. You have an energy lull in the afternoon.
    You really should have a nice, consistent energy all day long. From getting out of bed to getting back in it, you should have a nice flow of energy all day to accomplish your tasks. If you have a lull in the afternoon, you don’t have strong enough energy. It also tells me you likely need to make some dietary changes to create that consistent energy.
  4. You have loose stool.
    This is another case in which your digestion is weak. It is not able to digest your food properly and pull all the nutrition out of it. So even if you are eating healthily, you aren’t getting everything out of it that you should or could—and you want to get maximum benefits from your food.
  5. You crave sugar.
    This means that your body is craving a quick burst of energy and that you don’t have enough energy to sustain yourself all day long. This tells me both your energy and digestion are running on the weak side. In Chinese medicine, different flavors affect different organs. The sweet flavor helps to strengthen digestion, but if you have too much of it—say, instead of eating potatoes or carrots for sweet flavor you’re eating sugar or drinking soda—then you are damaging your digestive energy. It’s a sign we need to boost your energy using acupuncture and perhaps herbs.
  6. You get sick easily.
    If you say, “I get every cold that goes around.” Or you get several colds a year, it’s s sign that your immune system energy is running really low. If your energy is strong, then you should only get one to two colds a year.
  7. You feel cold all the time.
    You might say, “Oh, but it’s winter.” But your body should have enough energy to keep you warm. If not, we need to boost it. It tells me your Kidney energy is low, which is your body’s pilot light. If it’s not strong you will feel cold most of the time.  It may be relegated to just your feet, hands, or nose (or all three!) or an overall chill. We can boost that up!

See you Wednesday, where we’ll dive in to what we can do to boost your energy and keep your engine running at full throttle!