Acupuncture + Bodywork for all your aches and pains


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What is Acupuncture + Bodywork?
Acupuncture + Bodywork combines the calm therapeutic effect of human touch with the body-wide glow of acupuncture to create a treatment that has to be experienced to be believed. Either therapy alone is beneficial and enjoyable but mixing both together is like adding caramel to chocolate. Yes, it is that delicious!

Tui Na, or Chinese medical massage, predates the practice of using acupuncture needles and operates within the same system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This style of bodywork is different than spa massage, prioritizing specific problems rather than general relaxation. Simultaneously using acupuncture enhances the treatment, resulting in a more profound release of muscle tension, alleviation of other health concerns, and greater overall feeling of well-being.

Acupuncture + Bodywork is good for:

What is an Acupuncture + Bodywork treatment like?
The “50 minute Acupuncture + Bodywork” session begins with bodywork across the entire back, followed by placing acupuncture needles in the muscle knots to begin the melting process. Arms and legs are checked and any areas of tension are worked by hand. The needles in the back are removed, and the knots addressed again with bodywork to finish the muscle release. After turning over, acupuncture is used on traditional points to address any deeper health concerns, or simply to encourage increased energy and balance, and bodywork is done on the head, shoulders, and neck. Other areas of pain, such as rotator cuffs or knees, can also be addressed.

I just want to try it out. Is there a mini-session available?
The “25 minute Acupuncture + Bodywork” session is still approximately an hour of treatment time. It targets a specific problem area with 15 minutes of bodywork, followed by resting alone with acupuncture needles in place for half an hour. This treatment is designed to let you try out the combination experience before committing to the full 50 minute treatment. But be warned, most people end up wishing they had booked the longer appointment!

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