Being “In Fertility”: One Practitioner’s Philosophy


What happens when things don’t seem to be working quite right? Or you feel as though your body has failed you?More and more women and couples are struggling to conceive. Is it the ever-growing pollutants and toxins in our food, water and environment? Is it because women are waiting longer and longer to begin starting a family? Is it the ever-increasing stress and pressures of our non-stop lifestyle?

Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain; the pain, sadness, disappointment, exhaustion, anxiety and stress of “infertility” are universal.

What if, for a moment, I was to invite you to consider that fertility is not only a process of creating and manifesting a baby.  But rather in all its complexity, fertility is a state of Being that arises from deep within. Chinese Medicine tells us that women are Yin, meaning we are of the Earth. We are deep, womb-like creatures who hold within us the pure potentiality as the givers of life.  We hold the power to manifest. Fertility is an inherent birthright. At the most fundamental level it is not something that can be given, nor can it be taken away from you. And so, I ask, how are we as women drawing from the depths of our inner desires and truth to manifest the abundance of our lives, be it for a baby or otherwise?  

As women, we are beings of strength, depth, wisdom and intelligence. We are a force to be reckoned with when we know what we want! Being In Fertility is a way of being present, connected and in relationship with the natural rhythms of our bodies, in alignment with the cycles of nature that exist within each of us.

Through the ancient wisdom, skillful art and practice of Chinese Medicine we are able to tap into and facilitate the necessary connections for greater health, healing and integration of our truest selves. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, whole foods and essential oils hold the energetic potency and potentiality to “make right” what has gone off course or deviated from the threshold of balance.  

When applied to the symptoms of our reproductive health, we can approach our state of health and wellness from a place of wholeness. We can see that we are far more than just parts, and we can know that we are NOT broken.  This 3000-year-old practice of Chinese Medicine has a way of orchestrating and fine-tuning the system to allow for the natural arising of our essence. In allowing the essence from the deep wellspring to arise, our capacity for leading a fertile, fruitful life enlivens our senses, brings healthy function to our organs, brings harmony to our relationships, and gives meaning to the whole of our lives.

Whether you are overcoming fertility issues, in the midst of or preparing for fertility treatments, or are wanting to be proactive about your reproductive health, I am here to meet you wherever you are along your journey.  

Fertility. Conception. A heart’s pursuit.

Let me help you live In Fertility as you were meant to.

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