You Can Make A Change. I Can Help.

Ahhh, Happy New Year! I hope you had some time over the holidays to relax and recharge.

So, how many of you made a resolution—or maybe based on our holiday posts, you created a year in review and set some intentions instead.

This is a common time of year to think about change. And as we all know from failed attempts at improving diets, getting to the gym, or de-cluttering your house, it can be easy to start and feel motivated, but you can run out of gas partway through (or, maybe even more disappointingly, just inches from the finish line). True change takes time and effort. But you can do it. I can help you.

Whether you want to:

Chinese medicine is a great option for you.

Have your 2014 goals fallen by the wayside already—or did they never get off the ground (“Next week…”)? That’s OK—don’t beat yourself up. Making change can be overwhelming. But if you work with someone who can help you prioritize changes and hold you accountable, that can really help you to reach your goal. If you don’t have a plan, you do things that aren’t really going to help you make significant enough changes. The internet has been great for so many reasons, but it’s also information overload (try Googling “diets” to see what I mean). And there’s loads of misinformation out there. That’s where I come in. I can look at all the pieces in your life and help you come up with the most important things to focus on. If you want to decrease anxiety or have better energy, there are 100 things you can do for that. But I can help you identify the two to three changes that will give you the most bang for your buck so you don’t spend the whole year chasing your tail.

I also believe one of the most healing experiences in our wellness journey is being able to tell our stories. It’s a gift if you have someone who takes the time to listen and understand your point of view. That’s why all of my first-time appointments are scheduled for two hours. Two hours! I want to make sure that patients can tell me all of the things they are experiencing. Imagine that—a healthcare expert who will spend time with you!

I also will use all of that detailed information to help you make a plan. And that’s more than just the needles. Needles are, of course, an important step, but there’s so much more. For the second appointment I create a Report of Findings document to share with you. I pull together all of your symptoms and information, and I give you a report of what I see happening with your body, focusing on how to restore balance. Most importantly, I provide a list of things you can do on your own to help yourself feel better, increase the success of working with me, and get faster results. It provides a road map for you to see where our time and effort is headed, makes sure we’re working toward the same goal, and gives you the tools to make that journey a smashing success.

I also think it’s so powerful to have someone else do healing work on your body. I often tell patients that when your life is so far out of whack, it’s often not enough to just exercise, eat right, and sleep. Sometimes you’re so far to one end of the continuum that even if you start doing everything “perfectly” in your life, it doesn’t necessarily heal the issue. Sometimes you need to bring in an expert who not only has an objective perspective, but also someone who can physically, energetically, and emotionally re-balance you more quickly. Once you’re back in balance, THEN you can focus on exercising, eating right, and sleeping to maintain your health on your own.

Chinese medicine has such a rich perspective on the body. It’s a whole picture of the entire body, emotions, and how your energy feeds into it. Imagine feeling wholly better, and having someone give you the step-by-step to get there. No more guessing or regressing. That’s what I and Chinese medicine can help you do.  Make a change—one custom-tailored to your exact experience—and feel better this year.