Fabulous Friday: Jet-Lag Remedy

Today’s Fabulous Friday is short and sweet!

One of the downsides of taking a fabulous vacation is jet lag. It can leave you feeling like a zombie, sick to your stomach, or unable to sleep. And you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Well, you know I have a suggestion for you so that you don’t needlessly suffer.

It’s very imaginatively called No-Jet-Lag, and it’s a homeopathic remedy you can buy at the co-ops and, I think, Whole Foods. If you’re headed to Hawaii or Europe you should definitely consider taking it for relief from jet-lag symptoms, but even if you’re just traveling across a time zone or two it can work for you.

Common signs of jet lag include:

I used it when I went to China and I had absolutely no jet lag—and I flew halfway around the world! Taking it is easy too—you start with one tablet at takeoff. You take another tab every two hours while in flight, and one more at landing. A combination of arnica, daisy, chamomile, ipecac, and clubmoss is a safe, effective combination of ingredients to ward off all the symptoms of jet lag.