Fabulous Friday: Natural Detoxing and Allergy Fighters!

Today’s Fabulous Friday is doubly good, because I have two suggestions for you for taking care of yourself during a season that can really leave you feeling stuck and sluggish. Help your body transition and it will pay back in dividends! Here are two tools to help you do just that!

Detox Drink
Here’s a cleansing drink you can make at home, which is based on the Master Cleanse. It will aid in a simple allergy and liver detox.

In a 32-ounce glass jar or stainless steel bottle, add:

For milder flavor, you can cut ingredients in half or add water.

Drink this all day long, the lemon and essential oils will gently cleanse your Liver and reduce your allergies, and the sweetener will strengthen your Lungs. Best news: No fasting needed!

Infused Sea Salt
I’ve mentioned this before when we talked neti pots, but this is such an amazing product. Normally you wouldn’t add essential oils to a sea salt to put in your nose because it’d be too strong. But these salts provide just the right balaance without irritating your sensitive membranes.

Our infused sea salt has a unique herbal formulations to help you feel your best.

While doing a spring allergy detox, use these twice a day with your neti pot. To combat allergies, sinus congestion, infections, and colds—or to help clear out and kill any bacteria and viruses hanging out, use it daily with your neti pot.