Fabulous Friday: Yoga

Yoga has gotten a reputation for being the “sport” that people need to be able to put their feet behind their head to be successful. But that’s not true, and one of the many reasons it’s been so popular through the ages as both a physical and spiritual practice is that it can be immensely helpful for a slew of ailments and illnesses, from mental health to … you guessed it… IBS. It attacks symptoms from a couple of angles: breathwork and meditation can help immensely with stress, which is often a trigger for a flare-up. And the poses help manipulate your intestines and digestive tract to get things moving. And building strength and balance is great for your Qi.

If I’ve practiced yoga, I’ve tended toward the more yin side of yoga—Kundalini. It’s emotionally connecting, and a deep, introspective type of yoga. I’ve been resisting it for a long time, but my dear friend Erin and her husband took my husband and I on a date to CorePower to try their Yoga Sculpt (hot yoga) class. And now I’m kind of obsessed, even though it is much more the masculine yang to kundalini. I feel so energized and free afterward! Another bonus: Hot yoga helps to detox your body by sweating! Doing the power yoga/sculpting yoga, you can also strengthen your Qi and digestion/energy as you build up to doing a full class without resting (I’m still not there yet).

The really wonderful thing about yoga is that there are several different types to try—so make sure to try them out to see which one works best for you. Stick at it for awhile and you might just see more regular digestion without all the aches and pains—some people have even experienced total relief! And remember, “savasana” is basically just another word for guilt-free nap!