Feel better about your neck (and jowls…and jawline)

Nora Ephron’s book title, “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” summarized how many women feel as they age. And our dear patient Mary felt that same way until she experienced Healing InSight’s cosmetic facial acupuncture. Read on for her results for her jowls and jawline, and why she prefers the natural approach instead of a face lift!

Jaw only MW

Mary, why did you decide to do cosmetic acupuncture instead of something else?

“I have been reading up on facial acupuncture vs the plastic surgeon face lifts.  The face lift is so invasive and only lasts 5 years or so and doesn’t always turn out as planned.  I thought the facial acupuncture was a more natural approach with long lasting results if I was to keep it up.”

What did you want help with?

“I wanted my face to look fresh and youthful again – also I had noticed the start of “jowls” forming at my chin line.  Also,  the skin on my neck was starting to look loose and I wanted to see if acupuncture could tighten that as well.”

What did you notice during your treatments?

“I noticed after the first treatments that the “laugh lines” at the corners of my eyes were diminishing with each treatment.  My face was also starting to clear up from blemishes and was starting to look healthier and started to glow.”

What were the final results?

“I did both the facial and neck acupuncture treatments and after the 2 – 5 week treatments, I have noticed a considerable change in the health of my skin and my jowl lines have diminished with each month.”

Have others noticed a difference?

“Yes, they have – people who know me say I look rested and fresh.  I hear often from strangers or people I haven’t seen for a while that I look so youthful and that my skin just glows.”

What were some unexpected benefits?

“The benefits are definitely my skin tone and reduction of blemishes.  My skin has tightened and looks youthful and fresh.  I love the results.

What would you say to someone considering cosmetic acupuncture? Would you recommend it? What for? 

“I would tell everyone that is feeling that they would like to look more youthful to try facial/neck acupuncture before any other treatment to see if it will work for them. The cost of facial/neck acupuncture is a fraction of the invasive facial surgical face lifts.”

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