Five Signs Spring Is Messing With You

There might still be snow coming down, but it’s been disappearing at a pretty good clip these days, and I feel confident spring is coming. Not just because it’s actually noted on the calendar, but also because I’ve been hearing so much at the clinic that people are feeling so frustrated and tired, even if it is sunnier and warmer and lighter out later into the evenings these days. Does this sound familiar? You want to feel good but you just don’t.

Irritating feeling to have, I know. There are five signs that I see when spring is about to hit Minnesota, and maybe these sound familiar to you, too:

1. All you want to do is sleep.
You can’t wake up but you shouldn’t be so tired. It’s not sleepiness, exactly, but it sure feels exhausting.

2. You want to gorge on pasta, chocolate chip cookies, and any other comfort food you can think of.
I hear you. I know that bikini-wearing season is not too far off on the horizon, and yet I made an emergency trip to Café Latte last week.

3. You have been feeling super moody.
First, you’re happy because it’s beautiful out, but suddenly you feel depressed, because nothing seems to be changing in your life. You might be super irritable and screaming at your computer. Then you’re manic and cleaning your house in a frenzy. Your husband, friends, or dog might be a little scared of you these days.

4. You’re feeling stiff, heavy, and slow.
You just can’t get yourself moving sometimes. Watching tv feels great, but getting going to exercise does not. Your circulation might feel slow. Or like a dampness has settled into your body and joints.

5. You started sneezing as the snow melted and you’re looking at that allergy medication in the medicine cabinet with dread.
You might be asking yourself, isn’t there something else I can do so I don’t have to suffer with allergies so much this year?

Yes—you need to do something about all this, because spring can take its time getting here and you don’t want to be stuck feeling this way. And there’s something you CAN do about it! I’m going to talk to you Wednesday about spring transitions and what we can do to combat all these goofy feelings.

Just know: spring starts Thursday, and it’s going to be a good thing for you!