Five Tips for A Beach-Ready Body

So, if you’re planning a trip to a tropical locale, you might be thinking about hitting the gym a few extra times, or at least holding up your bathing suit and wondering how you might wedge yourself into it. And my guess is you don’t have a whole ton of time to make that happen. Or maybe you just want to make sure you’re looking your best. Nothing wrong with that! I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to use for a temporary way to look better in a bathing suit on the beach. I wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly. But a week before your week off will help you lose some water weight and feel great in your bikini. (Or Speedo! We don’t judge!)

We’ve already talked about how to banish bloating. But another thing you can do to look as good as possible in little clothing as possible is to lose a few pounds of water weight. Most of us eat a lot of concentrated carbs and salt in our diets, so we tend to hold on to water weight. How do you know if this applies to you? If your weight fluctuates a lot—say, a few pounds—from day to day, or even morning to night, or even by 10 pounds a month, then you are probably retaining some water weight. This is especially true for women right before their period.

So, five to seven days before, I go on a trip, I do the following:

1. Cut all grains from my diet. That includes wheat and gluten-free products, bread, pasta, crackers, cookies—anything with refined grains in it. I also cut all dairy and sugar. You want to be eating meat, veggies, olive oil, and fruit.

2. Cut way, way, way, back on salt. That means not salting your food nearly as much. Eliminating chips, French fries, and anything pre-made, such as frozen goods, boxed dinners, pre-made soups.

3. Drink green tea and plenty of water. The water will help flush your body. The green tea is a gentle diuretic, so it will gently clear water from your body, too.

4. Break a sweat. Move your body a lot the week before takeoff. I do hot yoga and cardio. You’ll sweat out the extra water.

Lastly, I consider my choices while I’m on my trip. I make sure to eat a lot of watermelon if it’s a tropical vacation. It’s a gentle diuretic, so it clears any accumulated water. Generally, I like to go places with interesting cuisines and I don’t want to ultra-restrict myself because, for me, eating is an enjoyable part of traveling. I do limit my bread, sugar, and salt intake while traveling to once per day, and that food is usually consumed in the evening so I’m not holding onto that weight in the middle of the day.

Happy Trails!