Five Ways to Get a Flatter Stomach Without Crunches

Put away the As Seen on TV AbRollers. Get up off the floor. There are a few ways to flatten your stomach without doing mind-numbing crunches. I promise! The added bonus is that you will improve your digestive flow in the process. Here are five easy ways to get rid of bloating—and look trimmer, too.

1. Cut out sugar—even the fake stuff. Sugars ferment in your gut and cause bloating.

2. Stop drinking cold water—drink hot water instead. Cold water douses your digestive fire and enables air to build up. Hot water warms up your digestive fire and moves everything through.

3. Do squats—but not the weightlifting kind. Many cultures get into this position when they use the bathroom—squats are a natural position for bowel evacuation. It clears gas and you intestine so your belly is flatter. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your feet are flat on the floor and sink down as low as you can. For best results, do this squat 20 minutes after eating—that’s when your natural intestinal reflex kicks in.

4. Take probiotics. Feeding the good bacteria in your gut will counteract the bad bacteria, and help keep your stomach flat.

5. Get acupuncture. The needles will help get your digestion working regularly, so that the bloating goes away once and for all.