Kathi’s Story: Fibromyalgia Relief

“When I look back on all the changes it’s amazing. I finally have my life back. Pain relief with no side effects?! It’s a no brainer.”


“I have been dealing with chronic pain for over two years. I couldn’t sit for more than ten minutes at a time without pain. Writing and driving caused constant pain in my hands and arms. The pain meant I stopped being as active, I couldn’t sit through a movie or play, and even going out to dinner hurt. I realized this was causing a strain on my family. Also, my body temperature was completely off. I was so hot I wore a fan around my neck everywhere I went, and when others were cold I would still be sweating.

“I hadn’t told my doctor about the pain because I didn’t want to know what was causing it. I would rather just work around the pain. I happened to have an appointment with my doctor for a physical on my anniversary. As a present to my husband I was finally honest with my doctor, who ran some tests. Turns out I had fibromyalgia. I went to a top-rated rheumatologist, tried two different prescriptions and made lifestyle changes. I had little to no pain relief from the medications but I did get the side effects. I decided to stop the medication and try acupuncture.

“My friend recommended Healing InSight so I made an appointment.  Best decision I ever made! When I look back on all the changes it is amazing. I used to wear a fan everywhere, all year long and couldn’t even wear a coat in the winter. Now I can’t remember when I last wore my fan and have even worn a coat this winter. The look of shock on people’s faces when I say ‘I’m cold!’ is priceless. I was able to spend the day at the State Fair last summer for the first time in ages because I was finally cool enough to be outside.

“Acupuncture also relieved my pain. Driving had been a problem and I tried not to drive much because anything over five minutes in the car meant constant pain. This year I drove to and from Des Moines, Iowa in 24 hours with no pain. I teared up while driving and told my friend all about how great I felt.

“Sitting–something we all take for granted–hurt. Every day when I got out of the car at work I hurt. I wished I could just curl in a ball and cry. And going to the movies was impossible. Sitting in the seats at a theater was unbearable. When I realized that it didn’t hurt to drive to work anymore I knew it was time to try the movies. I made it through the whole movie and after told my husband, “I finally have my life back.”

“Everyone at Healing InSight truly cares about you and wants you to get better. I am so grateful to Healing InSight. Pain relief with no side effects?! It’s a no brainer. There is nothing better!”