Sandra’s Transformation

Sandra’s Transformation

Sandra decided she was ready to change her lifestyle and committed to Metabolic Acupuncture. Eight months later and 50 pounds lighter she shares her journey!

Why did you decide you needed to lose weight? How was it affecting your life?

I was 50 pounds over my ideal weight and I needed to lose it really for two main reasons. First, I knew it wasn’t healthy for me and had the potential to start causing serious health problems. The other reason was I was just uncomfortable and could tell the excess weight was hindering my normal joint range of motion. It made me feel very lazy, blah and sad, which wasn’t normal for me.

Had you tried other methods to lose weight? If so, how did they go?

Oh, gosh, yes, I tried several other weight loss plans. None made the difference I was wanting. I had minimal success with a couple but nothing that helped me lose any more than 5-8 pounds.

Why did you decide to do acupuncture and Healing InSight’s Metabolic Boost program?

I was looking for a weight loss method that was healthy and natural, not something that was putting chemicals and toxins into my body to change how it worked. I saw Senia’s Metabolic Acupuncture segment last spring on Twin Cities Live. I didn’t know much about acupuncture outside of reading about some positive experiences people had with eliminating pain. The information on TCL sounded really interesting and the approach seemed logical. After watching the show, I pulled up the Healing InSight website to gain as much information about the services and everyone’s bios. I immediately set up my intake session with Senia so I could learn more. After the intake session I felt really good about the program.   Then, after reviewing Senia’s assessment and the plan she created for me, I was committed!

What did you notice in the early stages, e.g. during the cleanse?

The cleanse was a great jumpstart for my weight loss. I lost 8 pounds during that 21-day cleanse. It was an important mental boost for me. I needed a plan where I could see progress weekly.

What did you notice as you went through the program? Were there any big “aha” moments that helped you break through with your weight loss?

There were a lot of big “aha” moments for me. The biggest were probably around food and it’s impacts. Here are a few of my biggest “aha’s”:

  • How the percentages of carbs, proteins and (good) fat impact your weight loss and energy levels. I had more energy when I ate more protein, except when I exercised more I The more carbs I ate the slower my weight loss was. When I ate more protein and fat the weight came off much more easily, even with the same number of calories.
  • The importance of eating the right foods, not just staying within your calorie limit
  • A successful and effective exercise routine doesn’t have to be high intensity workouts 6 days/week. You can lose weight walking 4 days/week.
  • How eating a lot of protein late in the day can impact your sleep

What were some of the key things you learned (either things about yourself or things you needed to do) that helped you lose weight?

It’s a lifestyle change and you have to commit to it.   For me, I learned quickly I needed to plan out my food and calories the night before so I could stay on track. Otherwise, I had either eaten too many calories too early in the day or too few too late in the day. I typically cooked on the weekend for the following week so I didn’t have to prepare my meals each day. Weighing each morning was also important for me so I could see progress and also learn how my food intake impacted my weight. The grilled cheese & tator tots on my “cheat day” were killers! And finally, it was important to plan and carve out time for exercise (walking). As I increased my mileage, I had to make time for additional hours for walking. Again, I learned it was best for me to plan at the start of the week when I would exercise so I could work it in when it would work the best in my schedule.

What were your final results? How do you feel now?

I lost 50 pounds in 8 months. I feel great – physically and mentally!

Have others noticed a difference?

Yes, I’ve had several people notice and comment on how much weight I’ve lost, especially those that I haven’t seen for a several months. 

Do you think you’ll be able to keep the weight off?

Yes, I believe I will. With the additional information I’ve gained from Senia about food, exercise and how our bodies work, I feel very well equipped to keep off the 50 pounds. I successfully made it through multiple vacations and the holidays so I’m pretty confident I can continue to maintain my current weight.

What would you say to someone considering the Metabolic Boost program? Would you recommend it to others? What for?

Get started ASAP! Know it’s a journey and that you do have to be ready to commit to the weight loss plan and work at it. Once you do that, from my experience, it’s fairly easy to consistently lose a pound or two between each appointment. I did have times when I hit a plateau or gained a pound and was super frustrated. Senia was great at letting me vent and then calmly providing me guidance and support, and sometimes a minor tweak to my plan. Almost always, I was in a better place by the next appointment. Realize the plateaus will come and go, it’s a part of how your body works. The best thing about this program is it a holistic and clean approach. It isn’t a quick fix; it takes time to teach yourself and your body how to change. And the needle naps are a terrific break in the day/week! I highly recommend!

How has this changed your life?

I feel healthy, both physically and mentally. It’s been an amazing journey and I feel very fortunate to have found Healing InSight. I learned so much from Senia about how diet and exercise affect how our bodies work. I’ve never enjoyed cooking, but now I don’t mind doing it because I understand the benefits of clean eating.