Three Essential Herbs for Travel

Hello hello! Having just returned from an early spring break, I’ve been thinking about what I do to stay healthy when I travel so I can share it with you. With this wretched winter, you’re probably ready for your own spring break! But one of the worst things ever is finally getting to take that beach vacation, or traveling for work for a big conference or presentation, and getting sick when you’re there. You can’t afford to be out of commission, right? Well, there are a few things you can have in your travel kit that can really help to keep you feeling tip-top from first takeoff to final landing.

Yin Qiao
I’ve already raved about this formula and how great it is for preventing or beating colds. But in case you missed it, or need a reminder, Yin Qiao is a go-to, especially if you’re spending time on a stuffy plane where all the air is getting recirculated. Who knows what germs are going around? Take two tabs before your flight and two more once you land.

Ma Zi Ren Wan
This one is also known as “hemp seed formula.” It’s for those of you who tend to get constipated while you travel, which I hear often if you fly longer distances or take road trips. Who wants to be stuffed up when they’re wearing a bikini?! Again, this is pretty easy to manage: Take it before you leave and then every four hours after that to prevent you from getting constipated (until you are going normally again).

Traveler’s Comfort
This one is an anti-parasitic formula, which is essential for battling Montezuma’s Revenge and traveler’s diarrhea. If you are worried about water supply or eating fresh fruits or vegetables wherever you are going, this is your formula. It’s better than Immodium because it actually kills the intestinal bugs dead in their tracks, rather than just stopping you up. You take this at the first sign of that icky intestinal feeling, or at the first rumble, and then you keep taking it every few hours until your bowels feel calm again.

When I was studying in China, I never really ate fresh fruits or vegetables—always cooked ones—but at the end of my study I was in this American-themed café…they had this iceberg lettuce salad on the menu, and it looked SO GOOD to me. I don’t know what I was thinking; I was seduced by the photo on the menu and the fact that I hadn’t had much for fresh produce while I’d been there, I guess. Thirty minutes later, back in my room, I heard that terrible rumbling sound—you know the one: You start planning out how bad it will be and when you’ll be able to leave the bathroom again. I didn’t have the luxury of being sick. I was in the hospital every day on my feet. But I did have Traveler’s Comfort. I took a dose as soon as I heard that rumbling. A half an hour later, the rumbling quieted and calmed to a murmur, so I took one more dose. After that, the sounds ended and I felt totally fine. I was waiting to see what would happen that night and next day…and nothing! It didn’t even stop me up, but it took care of the problem. Disaster averted.

Of course, we have all of these herbs available at the clinic. Contact me if you have any questions or need to come in to take care of travel-related issues. Stay tuned—later this week we’ll be talking tips for flying and jet lag!