Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Be Gone! Cosmetic Acupuncture in Action

We’ve been getting lots of questions about our anti-aging acupuncture program and, of course, we love the results we see in our patients. But we thought, who would be better to answer your questions than a patient who has gone through our program? Read on below for Kelli Tatum’s results—some of them unexpected!—in her own words.

KT Eyes Pic Only

Why did you decide to do cosmetic acupuncture instead of something else?

“At 53, I had been noticing that the area under my eyes was showing my age. I had extreme puffiness, dark circles and fine lines that were becoming deeper. Other areas of concern were lines on my forehead and the smile lines around my mouth.

“Fillers and Botox just weren’t an option for me. Not only is the cost somewhat prohibitive, but I’m also not interested in short-term fixes or unnatural remedies. To find out that there was a potential–and even more desirable–holistic approach was encouraging! Cosmetic acupuncture provides a longer-term and holistic solution at a much more affordable rate.”

What did you want help with?

“My first priority was to reduce the puffiness around my eyes. I’ve always been self-conscious about the dark circles as well. I’ve tried a multitude of techniques for eliminating the discoloration – Vitamin K, fade cream, rose water, almond cream, etc. I thought that help with those two areas would give me a younger look.”

What did you notice during your treatments?

“The treatments were incredibly relaxing. I always felt well-rested when the treatment was done. One thing I noticed after each treatment was that my face had that wonderful tingly feeling you get after a great facial. The best part is that it lasted for well over two hours with the treatment. It was very energizing!”

What were the final results?

“After each treatment – including the first one – I saw significant improvement. After the first treatment the puffiness around my eyes was gone. Completely gone. After that, there was a steady improvement regarding the discoloration around my eyes.

“One of the other great improvements was the texture of my skin. I had flaky, dry skin and the treatments created a soft, dewy skin. There is definitely more elasticity. That improvement has been tremendous!

“The fine lines around my eyes and the deepening lines on my forehead and around my mouth have begun to fill in and my eyes look brighter and more open.

“I also have rosacea, but the redness and bumps have completely disappeared! I now have a healthy glow.”

Have others noticed a difference?

“I’ve had quite a few people notice a new glow. At a recent dermatology appointment, the nurse and I began talking about how much better my skin looked. I told her about the treatments and she was hooked! What a compliment to have a dermatological nurse interested in a holistic approach. I’ve begun carrying Healing InSight’s business cards because of the people who have been interested based on my results.”

What were some unexpected benefits?

“I think the reduction of my rosacea and the more openness of my eyes were tremendous benefits. Also, the treatments provide a wonderful stress relief!”

What would you say to someone considering cosmetic acupuncture? Would you recommend it? What for?

“I would definitely recommend it, and have been, wholeheartedly. I can speak more to those who are trying to eliminate signs of aging you experience at 50+, but I think starting even younger as a preventative measure would be fantastic. Also, the results last so much longer than other cosmetic treatments and is holistic. What’s not to love?

“This treatment changed everything for me. I feel so much more myself now; I have more confidence. I just wasn’t ready to look my age and my hopes have been realized!”


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