Beyond Beauty: How Cosmetic Acupuncture Helped Kate’s Recovery from Grief

Kate Contest Entry

Kate (before acupuncture)

Meet Kate, our surprise bonus Twin Cities Live Cosmetic Acupuncture Give-Away contest winner!

Kate entered our contest in a bid to get a fresh start on her life after her husband suddenly passed away three and a half years ago, leaving her to raise two young children on her own. Operating in survival mode, she eventually surfaced from the undertow of shock, grief, and the unrelenting rodeo of kid stuff, and was appalled to notice how much her face had aged. She was also getting really tired of feeling exhausted, anxious, irritable, forgetful, and physically sore all the time.

We were incredibly moved by Kate’s story and felt that cosmetic acupuncture could help not only her physical appearance, but how she felt overall as well. So we picked her as our extra special bonus winner!

At Kate’s first appointment, it was obvious that her reserves were just about tapped out. She looked close to ten years older than her true age, with dull withered skin and puffy tired eyes. She was in a perpetual state of overwhelm and her entire body was practically on lockdown trying to keep everything together – even inserting acupuncture needles was a challenge due to the resistant nature of her skin.

As an acupuncturist, Kate’s rapid aging did not surprise me. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, grief hits the Lung Qi hard, and the Lungs are the controlling force of the skin. The air we breathe is one of the most important ways our bodies acquire Qi and with weak Lung Qi it is only natural to feel exhausted. The shock of the suddenness of Kate’s husband’s passing also damaged her Heart Qi, causing anxiety and forgetfulness. The stress of the following years led to Qi Stagnation, resulting in irritability and body pain. I knew that acupuncture would help Kate in many more ways than cosmetic.

Kate started to feel better before her face began to change.  First her energy levels improved, body pain decreased, and she started productively processing emotions that had been stuffed away for years.  Then her emotional buffer came back, her skin softened, and her face started to regain its younger glory.  And then she got sick.  With walking pneumonia.

In addition to controlling the skin, the Lungs also rule the immune functions of the body.  Sad people tend to get sick more easily.  In cases like Kate’s, where grief had to be pushed into a corner in order to soldier on in parenting two little ones, a specifically lung based malady (as opposed to, say, stomach flu) is not entirely unexpected.  I sent her to the doctor for antibiotics, and we added another week of Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments to her package to regain the momentum lost to the illness.

Kate Before and After

By the end of the Cosmetic Package, Kate looked great. Really great! Senia didn’t even recognize her one day at the clinic!  But it wasn’t just her skin, she felt SO much better, and you can see it in her face.  Her spirit shine is back, and that is so much better than Botox.  Her energy levels have improved, she feels less overwhelmed by life, and her body feels like it belongs to her again. She is happily surprised with the scope of her positive results “I had no idea that this acupuncture could be so beneficial for my overall well being. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. You have truly helped me with moving forward in a very healthy way.”


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