To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse on Kare11

Healing InSight’s Senia Mae visited Rena on Kare11’s Saturday morning show to talk about cleanses.

What do cleanses help with?

How do you prepare for a cleanse?

The changing of seasons is a great time to do a cleanse. Prepping for a cleanse will help ensure results, as well as make the process much smoother.

How long is long enough?

We recommend 21 days. The first week is when you detoxify your organs, and the following two weeks are when you work to repair free radical damage to optimize your health.

You can do shorter cleanses, like 3 days or 7 days, but when people do shorter ones they revert back to their old eating habits quickly.

How do you feel when you do a cleanse?

The first two or three days you may feel tired or have a headache, but special cleanse supplements, like the type we prescribe at our clinic, can reduce those.

Midway through the cleanse most people start to feel fantastic.

By the end, everyone we’ve worked with has tons of energy and they want to keep eating healthy to feel good.

What types of foods and activities should you include?

A sampling of some of the foods that we recommend includes:

What can you do to make a cleanse go more smoothly?

For more information and Senia’s first experience with cleansing, read our blog post I’m Not a Big Fan of Cleansing, Here’s Why I Did One Anyway.

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